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Pastor/Prophet Rusti Anne Kennedy

Senior Pastor and Founder

Pastor Rusti Kennedy is a Christian, Holy-Spirit filled, Ordained Prophetic Minister residing in the USA.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Child Life Therapy. After years of service and Biblical training, she received her Ministerial Credentials in the office and anointing of a Prophet. In 1998, Pastor Rusti founded "Voice In the Cool Ministries TM".  She has been in full time ministry with VITC since that time.

She has traveled to several countries throughout the world, ministering the love of her beloved Jesus Christ at many unusual venues, as well as, churches, conferences and on the streets.  She has appeared on television and radio, now hosting her own Christian radio program.  She has hel regular VITC Outpouring Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Meetings in Southern California, plus special Holy Spirit inspired workshops, healing retreats and prophetic evangelistic events.

With a strong conviction to establish and release emerging ministries, she developed Leadership Ministry Credential program. Calendar 2010 marked the first year of her efforts with two new Pastors ordained and spiritually covered through VITC to fulfill their destiny in Christ. 

If you ask her though, she will tell you that at heart, she is the same girl that fell in love with Jesus as a child.  Her nose pressed against the glass, and eyes toward Heaven, she asked Him so many years ago if she could follow Him around and watch Him work.  “Gratefully” she amazes “His answer was ‘yes’.“



Rhema Christian Center

Golden, Mississippi, USA

October 23, 1998


Pastoral Covering

Pastor Peter Sansone and Pastor Ilona Sansone

Lord's Living Bread Ministries


VITC Officers

Ryan Kennedy, Marriage and Family Therapy, M.S., Licensed LMFT


Ministry Colleague and Prophetic Covering

Pastor Jose Diaz-Ordaz

JDO Ministries


Ministry Colleagues in Praise And Worship and Prophetic

Pastor David Hild and Pastor Joy Hild

David's Joy Ministry



Radio Ministry Prayer Covering

Debbie Tovar


Abuse/Sexual Abuse Healing Prayer Covering

Carla Burton


Intercessory Prayer Team

Steve and Alyce Kennedy, Diana Trepesowsky, Si Chul and Grace Sung, Lena Sung, Jonathan and Lauren Formby, Crystal and Matt Lettieri, Nola Copeland



Pastor Barbara Rivers

Steadfast Love Ministries