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Voice In The Cool  

The Garden Restored Through Jesus Christ!


Can You Feel His Footsteps In The Garden?...

Can You Hear His Voice In The Cool?


"And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day.... 

...and the Lord God called to them."           Genesis 3: 8-9

We are the creation of an intense, passionate and loving God, who designed us for the purpose of relationship with Him.  A relationship where we may actually know Him and communicate with Him.  As we read these beginning chapters in Genesis I am impressed with God's desire for intimacy with His creation, the "he" and "she" of a kind called "man".  I am awed by the longing of a Father to touch His child and the fellowship that was shared in deep love as He came in the "cool of the day" to speak to His son and daughter.  It was a place of the outpouring of the heart of God to treasure us.  It was a place to experience the magnificence of His Spirit, His love, His beauty and His provision.  It was a place where they could behold the Glory of God.

Who has said that His voice has passed away?  Who has proclaimed that He is no longer the God of the miraculous outpouring?   He is the living God who spoke in the garden.  He is the great "I am" that led His people with the "cloud by day and fire by night".  He is the Holy One that directed Moses on the mountain top.  He is the counsel and comfort of David.  He is the God of Elijah, whose eyes were opened to see the things of Heaven and demonstrate the power of God through signs and wonders.  And, in Jesus Christ, He is God in the flesh, touching His people with healing, deliverance and restoration.

Through Christ's death and resurrection, and now the empowerment of His Holy Spirit, God's voice and tangible Presence continues today!  He is the God of the miraculous restoring to us the destiny of the Garden relationship.  His Voice speaks through His written word, His prophetic word, in His church and in YOU!  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.   His gifts of miracles, healing, signs, wonders and deliverance from satanic forces are available for you at this very moment. 

This is a ministry that walks in the demonstration of His life and power though the full giftings and moves of the Holy Spirit, as described in I Corinthians 12 and poured out upon His people in Acts Chapter 2.  My heart is full of the stories of thousands of lives that have been changed by knowing God and loving Him.  In following Jesus, I have literally seen blind eyes open and the dead raised as I personally have layed hands on people and prayed for them in faith, just as the disciples experienced with 1st century Christianity.  Our part is to believe what scripture tells us is true, and to have the courage to step out and pray for His beloved people in the name of Jesus.  He does the work, dear ones, through the power of His Holy Spirit.  All the Glory is truly His!

No matter what you are going through God has a victory for you.  He wants to restore to you the spiritual authority of the overcomer; and through the power of the Holy Spirit you can be free from bondages, wounds and the oppression of fear.  There is no place of desperation or loss that God's love cannot reach and heal.  He is truly the God of breakthroughs.

Life eternal can be yours today. Just ask Him to come into your heart and your spiritual life begins.  Having done that, it never ends.  There will always be new growth, as He challenges you to a deeper knowledge of who He is and who you are in Him.  Can it be tough at times? You bet! This is real! This is a walk of faith, but you will get stronger and your relationship sweeter each day.

I sincerely pray that the following pages will help you to know the Lord and to become completely in love with Him. The two are synonymous actually.  In this moment, I invite you to the adventure and the fulfillment of your destiny.

"It only takes a moment for God to Change your life forever!... 

And this moment is Yours!" 

Blessings dear ones,

Pastor Rusti Kennedy

Voice In The Cool Ministries TM