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Hi everyone! It's been a long summer for me. I had a heart attack and heart surgery in July. Two weeks later in August, I fell resulting in multiple fractures and surgery again on my legs. I couldn't walk for 5 weeks so I spent time in a rehab facility. I am still recovering. During my time in hospitals I had the opportunity to share the true Christ with so many people. It was a privilege and honor. More about all this later. But for today, I prayerfully ask you to read the important word of prophecy for such a time as this. I feel a bit like Jeremiah in that he was asked to stand up against the prophets in the land that flattered a king and he was reviled for it. In the end, Jeremiahs words from the Lord, though unpopular, proved true. I must be obedient.
Love to you all, Rusti
A Coming Glory and Idolatry
I have had this word from the Lord for two years now and He is finally allowing me to release it to the Body of Christ. Many have talked about an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in a move of Glory and Power with a magnitude that we have not witnessed before. I will be writing about this in the weeks to come. There is, however, a critical time of conviction and repentance that must come before these events will take place. Not all will be able to enter in. Just as the Bible reads “Set before you this day is life and death, choose life” (Deut 30:19), so the Holy Spirit is urging you to make that choice again today.
I will give you His prophetic in sections as we explore its meaning. To those of you who can not relate to what I am writing about I ask you to please pray for our church. My heart goes out to the millions of true believers who are frightened, disgusted and discouraged at what has taken place in recent years. I pray this gives you comfort.
1. The Church Must Repent for Widespread Idolatry
“Just as I came to Israel first, so I will come to My church first I will declare and give them the opportunity to repent for idolatry. There will be many who will come out from the idolatry and will be able to enter in the coming revelation of My Glory. My people are confused and question what has happened to My name. But to this I say that I AM the great I AM. My church does not define me.  I will reveal Myself so that no one will doubt who the living God is. There will be signs, wonders, healings, the working of miracles. But I warn you” says the Lord “not all will repent. There are those that do not acknowledge their sin, and these will grow in pride. A pride that will hardened like rock and cut you if you fall upon it.”  
So what idolatry is He referring to here. The Israelites had the “cloud by day and the fire by night” with God Himself in leadership and yet they cried out for an earthly king.  His meaning in this word is not about republican or democrat. The Lord is addressing the church in how it has embraced and influenced God’s people to substitute His Glory for an earthly king. In the last 5 years, including the campaign leading up to the presidency of Donald Trump, I have seen a grave departure from politics as normal within the church to an idolatrous shift. Leaders preaching Trump instead of Christ, using their pulpits to spew lies, hatred and manipulation. I saw pastors leading thousands to fall on their knees, sobbing, and asking congregations to repent for not supporting Donald Trump.  I heard prophets threatening that you would be cursed to the “fourth and fifth generations” if you did not remain loyal to Trump.  These curses were leveled from church stages, television and radio platforms, and all avenues of social media.  Leaders that I once respected, now abandoning the real gospel in an effort to fear monger. Conspiracy theories were doled out by the hundreds. Paula White telling people that if they voted for anyone else that their rights to read the Bible would be taken  away. Evangelicals warned of a socialist government and breaking faith with Israel. Rick Joyner admonished his followers to buy guns and learn how to shoot to protect their religious freedoms. It goes on. The most egregious acts involved superimposing Trumps face on Jesus pictures with crowds falling at his feet and the shekinah glory on his head.  
This is not politics, this is worship. This is sycophant devotion.
Respected republican leaders such as former President George Bush, Colin Powell and dozens of other republicans of character have tried to speak truth about this administration.  Yet, they were dismissed and vilified as being deceived.
Idolatry spread like wild fire with prophets using the name of the Lord to promote and validate this man as “God’s chosen”.
2. The Infallible Word
I asked the Lord why Trumps words are just accepted as absolute truth without question or evaluation. To this the Holy Spirit replied “because a deity has to have an infallible word. My people have disregarded what they know to be true of My character and My scripture, believing instead what they wanted to hear.”
This has never been proven more clearly than in the lie that has undermined the very fundamentals of our democracy. The lie that that this election was stolen. Lies supported by the chosen ignorance of Christians that have no knowledge or understanding of the constitution or how our government works. A chosen ignorance of states rights vs. federal authority. A chosen ignorance of the many checks and balances set into law, to prevent America from the scourge of a dictator. The system is brilliant. It has been the beacon of light to other countries aspiring to the freedoms we hold dear. It has been bought with the blood of men and women throughout decades. But now all this is compromised, because the church has accepted Trumps words as infallible without proof.  Make no mistake, the evangelical church has become complicit to the insurrection, violence and anarchy that is currently besieging our country. Christians are now forever linked with white supremacists carrying confederate flags and bearing hoodies reading Camp Auschwitz or 6MWE (Six million was not enough).

I have heard so many pastors and Christians say “well, we are not like those people.” Really?
To this The Spirit of the Lord replies “Can you seed and water a field and then deny responsibility for the harvest?  
Yet evangelical leaders still will not admit their errors of prophecy and would rather say the election was fraudulent rather than just admit they were wrong.
3. The Seduction of Conspiracy
“When My Glory is revealed in great measure in the coming days, My people will not be able to rely on the opinions of others. They can not look to the right or the left and say “this one made me believe”. They will have to hear my voice for themselves and decide in their own hearts what the Spirit is saying. But because they have listened to flesh, their spirits have gone weak and the Glory of the Living God will frighten them, when it is revealed. They will run. They will scatter.”
Gossip is seductive. Christians have been caught up in the enthusiasm and appeal of collective gossip. They have embraced conspiracy theories like catching the wave at a baseball game. They hold dear the mirage of safety in numbers. I asked a pastor who worships Trump like a jr. high girl with a boy band crush why she was so in love with this man. Her reply was “Well, everyone else seems to like him”. Most Christians just parrot what they have heard, especially on social media. Conspiracy gossip threads through the church without any reference to what actually is the truth. This is not Walter Cronkite’s America anymore. We aren’t dependent on news sources for the scoop. You can hear or read for yourself what the president and government representatives are really saying in tweets and speeches. More importantly, you can choose to believe Gods promises rather than follow Quenon conspiracies. Ah, but that doesn’t feel as good to the flesh though does it? The thing that scares me the most is that Gods people have no understanding of true evil and a limited tangible experience of the Glory. How sad that leaders who do comprehend right and wrong have chosen to overlook it to promote their own political agendas.  Don’t you get it? The success of the devil doesn’t rely on the complete absence of truth, it is in the distortion of truth. 
4. The Malignancy of Cowardice
I have felt so grieved by charismatic Christian leadership that have legitimized idolatry by saying that it is backed by the Holy Spirit. But as much as these voices have hurt God’s people, there is a greater danger. It is the systemic malignancy of cowardice. So many Christians have become bullies. They have become loud and oppressive in their ideology and in their treatment of one another. I realize that is hard to deal with, but what you ignore, you empower. When Jesus walked the earth, people came up to Him and asked “Some say you are of John the Baptist, some Elias and others, Jeremias or one of the prophets. To which Jesus replied. Who do you say that I am?” Matthew 16  In like manner today, who do you say that He is? Are you more intimidated by the “big names” in the church or the wealth of the ministry? Perhaps you have acquiesced at the caustic rhetoric of a family member or friend? To follow Him comes with a price. I have lost speaking engagements, financial supporters, team members and friends in standing up for who I believe God to be. But then I met Him, before I met the church. I know His great heart and character. I know that He would never separate children from their parents and lock them in cages.  To keep silent is unthinkable. I pray your heart and voice become emboldened.
5. Where To Go From Here
I heard the still voice of the Holy Spirit saying “I can only come, when only He the Christ is glorified”.
I will close with these comments. Years ago I was so excited and happy from a conference I had attended. I felt like I had learned so much and with a grateful heart I was expounding upon the teachers at the meeting with such adoration. Then, suddenly, a crushing grief came over me and I heard the still voice of the Holy Spirit saying “I can only come when only Christ is glorified.”  So, where do we go from here.  Stop gossiping and speaking fear; and stop endorsing those who do. Find your voice. Exalt Him above all others.   Just repent!
I have stood before Him. His eyes penetrate to your bones and His love is painful in its depth and exposure. Trust me, there is no hiding place and there is no one else in the room. Fall on your knees and repent that you may enter into God’s Glory and fulfill His destiny for your life.  
There is only one name…. Jesus!
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